Family & Domestic Attorneys

Our experienced family attorneys offer a caring and creative approach to dispute resolutions.

Family law encompasses the rights and obligations concerning marriage and children. Because of the emotional nature of these issues, good legal counsel requires a caring sensitivity and creative approach to dispute resolution. When trial is necessary, clients also need aggressive and seasoned trial lawyers.

Goldman & Rosen, Ltd. of Akron, Ohio has a team of
family attorneys experienced in all aspects of family and domestic law, including divorce, separation, child custody, child support, visitation, paternity, adoption, juvenile court, grandparent rights, prenuptial agreements, domestic abuse, and property division.

As needed, other attorneys may be added to the team to support clients with related litigation, tax, financial and business ownership issues.


Under Ohio Law, divorce can be complicated and involve a detailed review of the parties’ assets and liabilities, along with a determination of parenting rights and responsibilities and the possible awarding of spousal support.

Although Ohio Law indicates that, generally, assets and liabilities acquired during the course of a marriage are to be equally divided, there are numerous exceptions. In addition, it can be challenging to determine the value of certain assets that the parties may own at the time of divorce.

Bankruptcy issues oftentimes intercept with a divorce action and there is a need to understand how both Bankruptcy Court and Domestic Relations Court work together.

Attorney Gary M. Rosen has over thirty years of experience navigating clients through the difficulties of a divorce.


It is always a priority of Attorney Gary M. Rosen to find the easiest and simplest way that his clients can obtain a divorce.

Ohio Law provides that should the parties be able to reach an agreement without going to court, they may obtain what is called a Dissolution.

Attorney Gary M. Rosen will explore with his clients whether it is possible to obtain a dissolution in order to achieve a fair and reasonable settlement of all divorce related issues without the necessity of extended litigation.

Child Support

Child support under Ohio Law is determined by a formula. However, there can be many complications.

First and foremost may be determining the incomes of the parties. In many situations where parties are self-employed, income can be debated and discussed in great detail.

It can be important to have an experienced attorney to help determine a fair and appropriate level for child support.

Attorney Gary M. Rosen has worked on complicated child support issues throughout his practice and can assist his clients in finding a fair level for child support.

Child Custody

Parenting issues can be the most emotional and difficult to resolve in the context of a divorce case.

Under current Ohio Law, courts prefer an approach by which the parties would enter into a Shared Parenting Plan. Under the terms and conditions of a Shared Parenting Plan, the parties may have any companionship schedule that they may wish and may also determine child support, medical coverage and educational concerns.

However, in some cases, the issues mandate that parenting issues be presented to the Court due to significant concerns of one of the parties.

The Court may then require psychological evaluations or the appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem.

Attorney Gary M. Rosen has worked on hundreds of custody related cases and can help clients reach a fair resolution of custody issues.

Shared Parenting

Most Judges in Ohio would prefer that the parties enter into a Shared Parenting Plan instead of litigating custody related issues.

Shared Parenting does not mean that the parties have exactly equal time with the children. Under a Shared Parenting Plan, the parties determine a parenting schedule, along with reaching a decision on child support, medical coverage and issues concerning education.

Oftentimes, the parties are referred to a mediator, who can assist them in reaching a basic understanding concerning parenting issues.

Attorney Gary M. Rosen has helped many clients diffuse parenting issues and he takes pride in assisting his clients with issues concerning shared parenting and helping to avoid the possibility of children becoming collateral damage in a divorce.

Spousal Support

There is no specific formula for determining spousal support under Ohio Law. The law provides that the Court must review certain factors, including the income of the parties, health of the parties, length of marriage and lifestyle of the parties, before determining spousal support.

Some courts, however, will take a mathematical approach to spousal support to determine what is fair. In those situations, many courts will attempt to equalize net income.

It is important to have an attorney that understands how each court may manage spousal support and how to achieve the best result under the facts of the case.

Attorney Gary M. Rosen has over thirty years of experience assisting his clients on spousal support concerns.